Masterw. sword with skill tree

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With the addition of Trimmed masterwork armour since the Mining and smithing rework.
(Btw, Have you heard about the mining and smithing rework?)

What if there would be a new sword introduced.
A t92 2h sword.
This with it's own unique skill tree.

Making - smithing:
Made from a Curved Masterwork Plate. But instead of making a masterwork armour piece, making it into a masterwork sword piece.
And you would need 5 of them to make the sword.
But still imcomplete.

Other skills:
You would need a base for it.
- Mage core = rare drop from fighting monsters with magic. Made out of pure magic energy. Runecrafted into a core to use
Would give bonus against magic monsters or sometimes to a magic hit on them.
- Ranged core = same way as magic, but then with fletching.

Or skill cores:
- mining core = very rare reward during mining. (maybe from a new geode that could grant this)
use smithing to make it into a core. to make it more durable. Takes it longer to degrade.
- Slayer core = very rare reward during slayer. use crafting to make it into a core. give it a small bleed effect with 1% chance to trigger (or higher)
- elder core = get a special magic imbued bark from a elder tree, very rare. Make firemaking to make it into a fire core.
would sometimes burn your target. Giving it negative effects like hitting a % less on you.
- Alchemical core = only invention
- and other ideas

The base sword would be tradable, the finished cores would be tradable. Giving a lot of skills a new very rare reward.

Finishing the sword:
Using a dungeoneering item bought from the shop for like ***k tokens.
Use it on the sword with a core inside. Use divination and invention to blast it together.
This sword is untradable.

15-Jan-2019 21:24:40

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Leveling up the sword:
This sword can level up, as augmented weapons.
But instead of using perks on this sword, you can unlock perks on each level it hits (or x amount of level)
For example. If you hit level 5 on the sword, you get a point. That point you can use on one of the 3 options of that level:
- small bleed effect (or higher if the base had bleed effect)
- small poison effect (or higher if the base had poison effect)
- small soul split effect (or higher blablabla)

When you progress further, you maybe can get the options out of:
- seren's blessing - Defence atribute coming from the sword
- zaros' blessing - offence atribute coming from the sword
- guthix' blessing - you can guess it, a bit of both

For the fashion scapers:
you can add other parts you can get as rare reward from skills to customise it a bit (cosmetic)
like an special magic tree branch to make it crystal like.
a special bone from slayer to give it a bone hilt

These are just some thoughts.
But i think it could be cool for the game.
Maybe make the sword a t85. so there are still weapons stronger than the base form.
But when it is a maxed sword, it could be on par of a t92 with all it's perks and attributes.
It would introduce skill tree's in the game.
It would give to each skill 2 special rare items to make it more rewarding for skillers or pvmers from slayer and combat skills.
Ofcourse, these are just some thoughts, so every idea can be tweaked.
So that it wouldn't be that much overpowered.

15-Jan-2019 21:25:00

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I thought they made Masterwork armour so that skillers can get good armour too without needing PvM or bossing. I think this defeats the purpose of it. The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

16-Jan-2019 11:26:30

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