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' Scapers Summer Stories

Ah summer, the time for holidays, relaxing and having fun. To compliment RuneScape's Sizzling Summer we want to hear your favourite summer related stories and memories.
Did you burn all the food the first time you used a BBQ? Did you fall asleep in the sun and wake up looking like a lobster? What about your summer memories, what was your most memorable vacation location and why, did you have an aswesome time at a summer camp?
If nothing springs to mind then let us know what your plans are for this summer - share your 'to do' list with us and the rest of the community as we seek out the most entertaining summer story!
We'll be leaving this thread open for 2 weeks for you to post your summer related articles - there are only 2 rules:
1. Your entry must be summer related
2. Your entry must be no more than 100 words long

This thread will be locked on Friday 10 August 2012 at 6pm (18:00) forum time.
We will then read through all the entries and decide who has the very best entry. The elite judging panel will be looking for:
1. Interesting and engaging stories
2. Genuine text (just say neigh to plagiarism)
3. Clear summer theme
That's it, Good luck.
Oh wait you want some prizes ....... OK how about:
*** 1 x Green Skin: Exclusive cosmetic item ***
*** 1 x Ice Mask: Exclusive cosmetic item ***
*** 1 x Barbed Bow: Exclusive cosmetic item ***
*** 1 x Turkey Hat: Exclusive cosmetic item ***
*** 75 Squeal of Fortune spin pack ***

What are you waiting for? Slap on some sun screen, turn up the volume on your top summer tune, grab a long cool drink and let us know your story ......
Good Luck.

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Match Fire

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Hey Steve, and Jagex family.
Somehow, I always manage to have crazy wild summers which muster up unforgettable memories, thats for sure; last summer I was able to realize a dream of mine since I was 11 years of age! Graduated from MCRD San Diego, 21 Palms finally earned my place through the crucible of training in the U.S. Marines acomplishing my dream and changing me and my life forever; I’ve also been reading through this thread and see that there are a lot more Military peeps in the community which is awesome!
Anyhoo, I guess I can share a story from when I was younger. May not be particularly very entertaining or funny, or even involve BBQ'ing ;) but I’d love to share. ^_^
A time in my life I reached out to someone while lost on vacation, ended of being a nice little adventure & resulting in the most memorable butt whoopin in the land of Disney that I haven't forgotten to this day. Familiy and friends would always organize a trip by bus to Florida anually each summer, which took 2 days to reach considering our location; of course we would stop in locations a long the way and visit notable landmarks. Ah, how I loved those times.
To Summarize, I was lost and stumbled upon another young girl who was lost. Like me, she had wandered off out of an arcade!(used wrong exit) She was 12 years old, and I must say a really sweet girl. She looked really afraid & sad so I approached her. She said she couldn’t find her mom and it turns out her mom was also searching for her near the arcade. Of course at the time we didn't know this, so us being the mischievous kids we were decided to roam around the ENTIRE theme park (Universal Studios) and get on some rides together. One of those Rides included a hunted manor, Gah! It was frightening.
We also rode a terminator themed ride, which scared the heck out of us! Now we didn't think twice about our parents, but when they found us, you can imagine that my bum was red the following day and the rest of the vacation ;)!
=Ryan W=

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Hey well what I did just has Yesterday is go with a bunch of friends to the Phoenix Wet N Wild. It was so fun I went with my friend Angel who has never been there and I had a summer pass to the water park to bring him for free. It was so fun because we went on mammoth horn a ride that 4 people get into a tub and go don't a big ramp that looks like a mammoths horn!
We took a break from waiting in the 30 min line for the ride and went to the wave pool which had huge waves. It was funny because Angel said he didn't want to get his hair wet when the waves were 2.8 meter high. The second ride was this ride we went down with a mat and the tunnels of the slide were so dark you couldn't see anything then you came out down a ramp and then splash!!! We had a lot of fun!
The third ride was called the Tornado and this one was the most fun one!!! We had to wait in line for a whole be when we got on we kind of screamed when we went into the cyclone type of slide and when we go to the splash part my brother tipped of the tube and we fell out... lol we started laughing though.
After that we went on the raging river which was a water slide like a roller coaster if would push you up and down the slide almost like a raging river does lol.
It was getting till closing time so we went into the wave pool till it closed and played a game of tag and it was just fun we got a bunch of pretty girls to play. ;D So I had so much fun! My dad also got a bad sun burn that turned up weird looking because of the sunscreen, he missed a couple of spots...
We had Lenny's burger shop afterwards!!! It was sooooo good. We then went home and I showed him Runescape and he thought your game was kool. We also talked about our gf's and watched funny YouTube videos!
This is my story I hope everyone's is has awesome has this!!! :D
Sorry it took long this is the first summer I could do summer things on... You know how hard it is to do things summer like in one the most hottest places in North America lol

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In 2006 I went on holiday with my family to a small city in Spain. On the way there, various things happened such as one of my siblings being left behind at a petrol station; leading to the coach having to be called back.
After we retrieved the bewildered sibling and set off to board the boat, the boat later drifted into rough waters where everyone then had to wear life jackets for the rest of the Journey.
Whilst at the beach my siblings and I fed stray cats ham, and went on various long walks. I also started watching Pokemon. :P

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I went to west virginia with my step dad. We body surfed and learned how to surf. It was an amazing trip. We ate out at a lot of restaurants that aren't even from where I live. But it was all delicious, even the sushi. We camped out on the beach and the summer air at night is amazing. I'll never forget it. I can't wait til we do it again.
(FYI in the mods post awesome is spelled wrong)

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