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Match Fire

Match Fire

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What an important role and impact you'll have on Jagex as a company and RuneScape as a game & community. It's a pleasure to meet you, and I hope you enjoy your time at Jagex. ;)
If I may suggest it, get a friends chat channel started if you haven't already! It's a must. ^^
For such an important role, can I ask that you fill out this JMod profile template so we may learn a bit more about you?
What made you join Jagex?:

Were you a RuneScape Player Prior coming to Jagex, if so for how long?

What's your favorite thing to do in game?

What is your occupation at Jagex?:

Which famous person/character do you look most like?:

Which famous person/character would you most like to look like?:

What is your favourite cookie flavour?:

What is your most interesting hobby?:

What is your favourite meal (starter, main course and dessert)?:

Most proud of?:

Regret the most?:

Pancakes or waffles?:

Do you have any nicknames?:

What was your favourite subject in school?:

What is your favourite colour?:

If you could change your name, what would it be and why?:

When was the last time you had pasta for dinner?:

What is the most expensive thing that you've ever bought?:

What is the most expensive thing that you've ever broken?:

What is the funniest thing that you've ever seen?:

If you had to choose between keeping your first name or keeping your last name, which would you choose?:

Pizza. Over-rated or nom nom nom?:
Last but not least, Can we expect to see you around more than Baker011?
=Ryan W=

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