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Design a Pet Finalists!

Earlier this month we launched our Design a Pet competition, where you had the opportunity to describe or draw the very pet you would like to have follow you around in RuneScape. With over 700 entries, we have been amazed by the sheer quality and variety of concepts we have received. However, after much heated discussion and the odd table flip in the office we have managed to narrow it down to 6 finalists!

The pet concepts are available to vote for on the homepage via the Quick Poll, and also through our Facebook page by liking your favourite concept. We'll be counting up the votes from both and deciding the winner accordingly!

Have a look at the descriptions and images here and vote for your favourite one!

Please note: each image is the player's idea of what the pet might look like, and is not the finished concept for the in-game pet.

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Who designed them?
Clueless Adventurers

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