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Death wing said:
£112 wasted on treashure hunter and still nothing over 100 pressents ive handed in ! all xp lamps sort it out jadex!


don't buy spins kids
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13-Dec-2014 12:53:07

Glic Esther
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Glic Esther

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Next time you should make the elf mention when it ends instead of the day before having it say they have plenty.

Who the hell had this brilliant idea to let the "snow dry up" in the midst of December? How does this person think? Can that thinking be changed? Was it a programmers/bureaucrats mind? Someone that just thinks about duration, rewards and Timbo's dice without any consideration for how weird it is to stop a christmas event promotion a week before christmas? (And funnily enough Striking is in the forum editor but quote-tags still are not buttoned.) Would that person ever recieve a semi-official & face-to-face "you did bad"/"Get some more common sense" comment? Or would they get compliments on such a fantastic financial result?

Oh you bunch of weirdos over in Cambridge... I love you but I hate your silliness and lack of common senses. Especially for you guys: get critical shoot-as-many-holes-as-you-can people from completely different fields to influence your marketing strategies, development decision makers and details for an hour a week.
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War tortoise
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War tortoise

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Holly wreath, scythe, and x3 rubber turkey owner reporting in! :P (I only won one turkey and 1 pet dw guys....)

only used 2 accounts to enter but rip me :(
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12-Nov-2016 09:41:21

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War tortoise said:

only used 2 accounts to enter but rip me :(

Only 2 accounts to enter in a competition that ended over 2 years ago. Think you're just a wee bit late to the party. Best to not bump dead threads back to the top of the forum in the future.
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14-Nov-2016 12:21:20

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