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The stream was great.
I enjoyed the most of it and it was fun to see familair faces.
Not only a friend of mine but also befriended Jmods. :)

My highlights of the stream, in random follow up, are :

*) Spotting a friend from RuneFest. :D
*) The challenges, especially the smoothy and drawing parts.
*) The OSRS botbusting session.
*) The streaming sessions of Mods Jane and Dean/C3DPO and Mods SteveW and Infinity.
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22-Feb-2015 14:43:49



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I really enjoyed the live stream and events this year. :D The challenges were really entertaining to watch, and seeing so much money donated (and continuing to be donated) for such an amazing cause is really heart-warming. :)

I like how many players were invited into the studios for the event, too. Some friends of mine were invited and made the trip, so it was really cool seeing them right there on the stream! :P

All in all, excellent event and it was amazing to see so much money raised for yet another year. I'm looking forward to next year already. :D

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Likes to afk said:
Drillblade said:
Laukie said:
why do gilded alters not give double xp?

Wondering the same thing

Prayer has always not been included because altars already give double xp, though members take it for granted.

If you can access elf city, cleansing crystal are doubled, which costs the same gp/hr as dragon bones.

Prayer has always been included. However, Guilded altars already give 350% the normal xp rate and Ectofuntus gives 400%. Since they both already significantly increase xp rates already, they have never been included in bonus xp weekends. You will get double the xp training prayer any other way. I suggest cleansing crystals.
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22-Feb-2015 16:48:03

Nick 1

Nick 1

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I watched the stream for a bit as archie and that other employee killed off players using third party's mod weath detected in OSRS until my crappy laptop crashed alongside playing RS. I would have continued, but my PS3 seemingly does not allow Twitch. Anyways, thanks for shining light on these charities, Jagex. I hope the funds go entirely to these causes as it really is pretty spiffy to see the hostile community come closer together on events like these. Though I only bought the cosmetics on my main account and threw in some coins in recognition of this weekend, I still would like to donate some RL wealth from my min. wage job. Hopefully we continue to see these movements brought to us by you guys.

Again, thanks and all that sappy stuff.

22-Feb-2015 18:51:35

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missed it wasnt feeling good but i did donate and got the outfit 10 year RS Veteran | Member of
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22-Feb-2015 22:52:37

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