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Mod Asherz

Mod Asherz

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Hey all,

Thought I would respond to some of your questions and responses. Thank you for taking the time to read this post :).

Vantagor said:
Have you ever had a bug where you have to completely redo the entire code for that content?
- Only once thus far. I jumped a head with coding and then the design of the project changed so had to re-do a lot of my work :(.

Tim HHS said:
Mod Asherz said:
Depends on the issue at hand, it can be the case that it doesn't get sent back (I love those ones). Other times it can be maybe 2 - 3, as it has slightly effected something else in game. Other times it can be at least 10, these are the ones I dislike as it will affect soooo much in game that its hard to keep track of what has been checked and what hasn't.
Interesting haha, what's the worst offender of being sent back and forth?
- There isn't really a "Worst offender" all the time, as I said it depends on the project and how much has to change in other parts of the game. Such as Skill Guides need updating, or NPC's chat is now completely wrong. That sort of thing :).

Forums Help said:
Very interesting to hear what the mods get up to at work :P
- We also have the odd Nerf Fight when Mod Deg is trying to do a Behind the Scenes just to put him off. He hates that as he takes long enough at the best of times ;).

Lockhart said:
Thanks for sharing Mod Asherz! Sounds very full on and I guess a lot of pressure on update release days!

Keep up the good work!! :D
- Thanks :). Some days its ok, but others can be quite mental :P.
Mod Asherz

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17-Jul-2015 10:04:07

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Lockhart said:
Thanks for the replies Mod Asherz! What do you normally do to wind down and recharge? Do you like the canteen food available there? :D

I hear that they're only allowed to drink Java coffee there or they get fired.
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17-Jul-2015 22:50:32

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