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Real Tore
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Real Tore

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My card was charged Feb. 16th and I didn't realize we had new crds here. I changed the expiration date on the 16 but didn't activate the card until the 18th when I realized I needed to do that. I still can not get into the member's world. I have been an active member since 2006 and I am not sure why I can't get into the game now. Can you please get me back into the game before all these double points are gone. Thank you!

19-Feb-2017 15:13:29

Cre8ive Name

Cre8ive Name

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Hey guys, I am curious if Refer-A-Friend +10% xp works synergistically with the double xp weekend bonus, and if so, in which way?

Like is it 10% of the doubled xp? or 10% standard xp, which is then doubled? ORRR is it 10% standard xp plus double xp? ORRRRRRR does it not stack with this weekend, and just lets the double xp take precedence?

A somewhat poorly scripted question, but I'd appreciate any answers!


16-May-2017 16:36:51

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19-May-2017 04:57:07

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@ JediBigBear - Your post has been removed as off topic and spam.

It has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, which was to announce last February's DXP Weekend, making it off topic.

All you are doing is advertising an Old School RS video, which you have also posted on several other unrelated threads, which is spamming.

In future, please make your your posts are relevant to the topic. Thanks

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