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Forum Help.

Hi team,

Same as before, the last thread was getting quite old and convoluted so I feel it's time to recreate a new thread and revisit some of the old rules and update them.

What is Forum Help?

Forum Help is for receiving forum support from a member of the
Forum Moderator Team
this thread is reviewed on a voluntary basis from the
Forum Moderator team
, rather than being a
required task
, so please treat this thread with respect and
use it only for its intended purpose.

How can I find who's on the
Forum Moderator Team?

You can find out the members of your friendly neighbourhood
Forum Moderators

What can I report on Forum Help?

You can use this thread for all kinds of Forum Help issues; this may be moving your thread to a new forum, renaming locking a thread - or reporting rule breaking from other members of the Forum Community.

The team will
to help support you as soon as possible with all issues, but reports of high importance will be prioritised. This could be rule breaking, real world illegal activity, or a risk to life (such as a thread regarding suicide).

What can this thread be used for?

Disruptive behaviour

  • Spamming
  • Text Abuse
  • Off-topic posts
  • Other, but only if you believe it fits.

  • Offensive behaviour

  • Harassment
  • Trolling & Flaming
  • Homophobia
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Pornographic Images
  • Other, but only if you believe it fits.

  • Dangerous behavior

  • Real life information
  • Real life threats
  • Threat to life - such as suicide
  • Releasing Confidential information
  • Malicious links
  • Realworld Trading or Botting Clients
  • Illegal activities
  • Other, but only if you believe it fits.

  • Thread Maintenence
  • Thread Title Changes
  • Moving Threads
  • Locking Threads

  • If you wish to report any issues that fit in the above,
    please use
    the template below; if you fail to use the template, the
    Forum Moderator team
    are allowed to ignore your request at their will (unless it is an urgent matter, such as suicide or illegal activity).

    What can this thread not be used for?

    XDiscussing other members of the Forum Community - This thread is not to be used as personal rants forum, nor is it to be used as a way to attack and blame other active members of the forums.
    Jagex staff members
    are not here to be a forum police force, and neither are the
    Forum Moderator Team.

    XForum Revenge - This is not the place for you to try and get revenge. You shouldn't be reporting players who have reported you, the forums should be an adult and civil place, so please don't misuse this.

    XReporting Trivial Matters - This thread is not to be used as personal rants forum once again, ask yourself this: Has a Forum Rule been broken, or has it just simply annoyed you?
    Forum Moderators
    will always take action when necessary - however take two minutes to think if it is worth your time commenting on this thread. If you feel it is - report it. We aren't trying to discourage you from reporting something if it desperately needs attention - but please, use your discretion.

    XRequesting thread maintenance for a thread not your own - All thread maintenance requests
    be made by the threads author. However,
    Forum Moderators
    can use their discretion on this, such as Clan threads - if the request is made by the
    Clan Owner.

    XAccount, Technical or Billing Issues - Please use the links below:
  • Account Issues
  • Technical Issues
  • Billing Issues

  • Frequent misuse of this thread, may result in a temporary forum ban being applied to your account.

    Continued abuse of this thread may result in further action taken, if deemed necessary.
    (See Forum Offence System.)


    Please use the following template for reports:

    Original message details are unavailable.
    Quick Find Code:
    Summary of issue:


    All posts made on this topic will be hidden by the
    Forum Moderators
    as they are reviewed; if it is a larger issue you have reported,
    your post will potentially be hidden while investigations take place.

    Posting on this thread
    does not
    guarantee a response, but all reports will be reviewed and any necessary action will be taken. Posts which don't use the above form risk having their
    review delayed or not done at all

    Forum Help Tips:

    - Before posting and reporting another player, make sure you have not quoted the reported post if you chose to reply to it.
    If you have quoted the post, you will most likely have your post hidden also!

    Baiting Players
    - Posting in a manner that deliberately invites or provokes negative responses or personal attacks (trolling/baiting) and then reporting those attacks, is
    considered a misuse of this thread.

    Need an explanation or clarification?
    - If you don't understand the action that was taken or not taken, you can ask for an explanation or clarification. Depending on the time and context, this will be done as promptly as it can be, but please
    be patient.
    However, you can only do this
    once per issue
    , if you continue to post, this will be considered
    a misuse of this thread.

    Forum Help Template
    - The Forum Help Template is designed to help the
    Forum Moderator Team
    quickly and effectively
    help you out. If you don't use the Template - your request may be ignored!


    Mod Meadows.
    ~RuneScape Community Management.
    ~ Mod Meadows ~ Forum Curator ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows ~

    11-Jun-2018 12:40:51 - Last edited on 13-Jun-2018 14:42:37 by Mod Meadows

    Mod Meadows

    Mod Meadows

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    Just posting here for visibility:

    Gozzzz, it's come to my attention that you are misusing this thread for trivial matters against a forumer you dislike; please stop this as continuing will result in a forum strike.


    Mod Meadows.
    ~RuneScape Community Management.
    ~ Mod Meadows ~ Forum Curator ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows ~

    15-Oct-2018 17:06:59

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