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Any ideas if it is possible to change currency at the new website? Previous system had this option. At this moment I am living in Italy so I see prices in EUR but I would like to use my PLN credit card without double conversion.
Just another scaping addict :|

30-Nov-2017 10:37:41

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For those attempting to use their phones to buy membership/bonds, who can't get the right carrier due to their location setting.
The solution is, when you have clicked 'Buy Now', and are being redirected to another page, change the country in the Address bar, for example, I changed USA to AUS.

Hope this helps some of you at least. :P

02-Dec-2017 23:59:49

Ben Wont Die
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Ben Wont Die

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I would love to know why you can no longer make purchases with MOL points. I have been in contact with Jagex and MOL. Jagex says to contact MOL and they say the error is on Jagex. everytime it tells me Token submitted by merchant is invalid

05-Dec-2017 21:22:16

Clue Scrollz
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Clue Scrollz

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im curious. does this mean when we go to buy the gift cards, will they still have the same options they use to have when you entered the redemption code, or will it just add that much to your account and then apply it when you go to check out?

04-Jan-2018 16:30:39

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