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Hidden Threads instead of a lock and an explanation or link.

Why are threads that are not against the rules being hidden and not locked without an explanation or information where to find the information? I find this rather odd, especially since threads are locked if they are not against the rules with an explanation.

I had to go to FH to ask where my thread was - I made a thread congratulating a FM and asking what this award was about in General yesterday and instead of locking it and explaining what it was or where to go to find the information or even a link like what usually happens I had to go to FH and ask where my thread was, His reply was it's in the Clan section <- have you seen how big the clan section is??

I find this rather rude and against the rules - it's a waste of time going to FMR as nothing positive will come out of this - same with this thread I suppose.

What's happening with threads that are not being treated as they should be? I am sure they hide thread that has information in them that is highly against the rules - mine wasn't, nowhere near.

I am sure there was a thread discussing this recently in W&F, I couldn't find it. What are the rules on this?

Why are other threads locked with information on where to go or with a link <- isn't this the normal protocol??
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18-Oct-2019 14:56:53

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