The dates under your names?

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I would like to know what the dates under the usernames and membership statuses are implying.
It honestly makes me feel as though other players will think I know nothing about the game, since it's dated to this month.
Thanks. :)
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29-Dec-2018 06:47:07

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The date under the avatar refers to when you last subscribed with membership without breaking your subscription cycle.

For example, mine says September 2011 - meaning I've had non stop membership on my account since that month/year. If I were to stop paying for a month, then get membership back, then that date would change to the new month I got it.
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29-Dec-2018 08:25:02

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That's a fair concern, I've considered it myself. But at the end of the day ya just gotta not care what other people think and use your actual experience - not the experience listed under your avatar; to school someone who might ever try to use that as a scapegoat in an argument. Thankfully, given the forums are so dead, it rarely if ever happens (only ever happened to me once) you shouldn't have to worry about it so don't ever let it hinder your ambition to make a good argument or suggestion cause the forum community are always welcoming it with open arms.
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29-Dec-2018 10:21:23

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@White Stars

I've edited your sig. It's best not to put your start date anywhere within the forums. It's used to help recover the account.

Best to keep it noted in a safe place and keep it to yourself.
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29-Dec-2018 10:36:53

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