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Hi all,

Thanks for your threads, posts and feedback over the last four weeks as we ran a trial of the new code of conduct.

Having reviewed the forums over the past month, and checking both feedback threads, we have decided to keep the new rules with some small modifications:

Religion and Politics will remain allowed but will be moderated to a greater extent
Adding a "content should be safe for work" clause
Adding a "Good Forumer Guidance" section
Adding that begging is spam
Clarification about swearing

In addition, we will be making the off-topic forum viewable only when you are logged in.

Code of Conduct

Otherwise, we believe that the new forum rules have worked well and we'll continue with them - continually monitoring how the forums are doing as we go.

We will be releasing a Q&A tomorrow addressing the feedback given that we have not adjusted the new rules for, so you know our thoughts while making the changes.


The Community Team
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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Code of Conduct

Stick to the rules of RuneScape

Bit of a no-brainer; do not break any RuneScape Rules in your posts. Click here to read up on them. All of those rules apply here still, but where a forum rule conflicts a RuneScape rule the forum rule is the boss.

Your posts should be appropriate content.

We do not need your spam on these forums; that includes unnecessary duplicate threads and offtopic/hijacking posts.
If you post links or images make sure they are safe for your fellow forumers. Do not use link shorteners.
Keep personal information confidential, to protect you and other players.
All content should be safe-for-work.

Be respectful of your fellow forumers.

No need to flame any players, no matter your history.
Don't make vulgar, offensive, or profane posts.
Don't target specific players with accusations.

Good Forumer Guidance

- Though swearing is tolerated, it should never be directed at another individual or group.
- There is a difference between flaming another player and sharing your opinion on their argument. Remember to discuss the topic, not the player you're talking to - play the game not the player.
- Begging is considered as spam, whether for real-life funds or in-game items/money.
- If you spot a thread where you disagree with the poster's opinion, rather than argue with them across multiple pages of their thread consider creating a new thread with your own opinion.
- Though politics and religion threads are now permitted, they will be moderated to a greater extent than other content as it is easier to cause offence and upset in those subjects.
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Mod Kalaya

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From the Feedback threads

Younger children seeing the new forums
We've added a safe-for-work clause to help with this. The more controversial discussions will occur in Rants and Offtopic, both of which are only visible after logging in, which requires a RuneScape account. We have restrictions for under 13’s playing on a RuneScape account. We also believe that the RuneScape forums are no worse than what can be found on other safe-for-work sites on the internet.

The forums need a link verification system or similar.
This is unfortunately not something CM can implement and is part of a wider website project, but we are championing this along with lots of other features internally.

Can FMods verify links?
No - FMods are players just like you and it's not safe for them to verify links. However, they can send the link to Jagex if you think it is unsafe and we can investigate.

Politics and Religion
Can't you put them in a sticky thread instead?
We don't think this will create a good way to talk about those subjects
How about separate forums for them?
We didn't feel this would do any good for the forums - it would be uninviting for new forumers and probably known as a place to avoid. Plus, difficult to moderate.
Disallow those subjects again?
This goes against what we want for the forums, so we'd like to work out a way to have them here.

Politics and religion discussions should be confined to offtopic. While there was an initial rush on those subjects as the rules were relaxed and some posters attempted to test the limits of the rules, these have calmed since.

Item Discussion Forum is a mess.
We are continuing to discuss the item discussion forum because we recognise there needs to be further improvements. We'll keep you up to date, but there may be additions to the specific rules for that forum in the coming weeks.

The rules need more clarification for what is disrespect and what is flaming.
The more specific we make rulings and clarifications the more some posters use wordings and the lines we create to troll other users.You should know how to avoid coming on the wrong side of this rule.

What about ASCII art, given it is meant to only be used in designated threads that don't exist?
We are happy for ASCII art to be used across the forums in appropriate places - however if this starts being spammed or used innappropriately again we may have to limit it to designated threads. It shouldn't be spam :)

Can FSR links be made more visible?
We're happy with the location for FSR links currently.

Sexual content shouldn't be allowed
We've added a safe-for-work clause which should counter most of this. This clause will also mean that references to nsfw content will be removed.

Can thread owners get the ability to moderate their own threads
This isn't likely to ever happen - it has potential to create an incredibly unfair atmosphere where only those who agree with the thread owner would have a voice.

Please reimplement the no duplicates rule for OSRS forums as they are worse than RS
I'm discussing this with the Old School team next week to see the best way to tackle the issues raised in your feedback post.

Can players have political signatures?
Signatures follow the same rules as the forums. Any political or religious signatures will equally be moderated to a greater extent.

Can we have a function to report a player similar to the in-game system?
Use forum help to report a player on the forums. We're happy with this system for now.

The large signatures players put in their posts are spammy.
We don't have any issue with signatures players put in their posts, given they are limited to the 4 lines from previous rules.

Is the advertising website rule more relaxed now in general?
Yes, you can advertise any safe website, though malicious links will result in action being taken against your account.

Various specific examples of possible rule-breaking
If you think a post is breaking a rule, please report it to forum help where the FMods can take a look.

Various new functionality requests for the forums
We're championing better functionality on the forums internally, and though we can't give you any information at the moment, strong steps are being taken.

Questions from this thread:

Aren'these two in breech of each other: You first state don't make unnecessary duplicate threads, but it's okay to do this if someone disagrees with you??
This is a guidance, so not a straight-up rule. I would say if there's a disagreement going on the same topic, than a new thread could be counted as necessary. "Unnecessary" is to stop spam.

"Create a new thread rather than arguing across multiple pages" rule
We still want a healthy discussion on threads, and it's unlikely FMods will force you to create a new thread rather than talk. However, we have seen that some arguments continue for many pages and devolves into arguing which results in the thread being shut down. A new thread avoids this.

Also, remember that this is only a guidance :)

The Safe for work clause is dumb
This is just an up-to-date way to clarify what is and isn't acceptable - most of what would be covered under the safe for work rule is already under the other rules.
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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Olllivander said:
I'm so glad to see the new rules have stuck. Thank you for posting this Mod Kalaya!

Will there be further tweaking over time or can I assume that these are absolute for the time being?

Tweaking is always possible, so I wouldn't say rules are ever absolute - but we don't foresee any changes in the near future :)
Mod Kalaya |
Product Manager | @JagexKalaya

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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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To clarify; the Q&A is responding to comments on the two feedback threads, in particular comments that we haven't addressed in the tweaks made today. Wasn't planning on doing a normal Q&A like you'd see for content (so you ask questions and we respond within a time frame).

If you have extra questions though post them here and we'll see if we can add them on :)
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15-Jun-2017 22:01:47

Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Dong U Dead said:
@Mod Kalaya, my link question I don't believe has been answered or is in under the code of conduct:

2. Links I would like them labelled to what and where they will take me, what is the name of song & band, what is the article about or called, if it's a funny picture of a dog, cat or Alien - Can you add a clause that links need to have information added to them? I feel all links should have a title - not just the link on the page.

I don't agree that this is necessary. There are always risks with opening links and titling them won't help with that.

Iceberg said:

Would I be right in assuming the guidance from below then still applies?


K-ON Ritsu said:

The first and second images would not be acceptable as they are clear references to sexual content. To ensure the safety of the forums but also to allow the conversation to continue, I have removed the inappropriate images.
Mod Kalaya |
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Mod Kalaya

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Miss Misty said:
Hi I just want to double check more than anything ... on the part around greater flexibility for linking to websites that are not malicious in nature, does this include non runescaoe related things such as advice for acquiring clan t shirts at runefest and giving the link to that t shirt company? Or In off topic, the link to a cake maker you had for a birthday etc? Or is it limited to runescape related non malicious sites?

Just want to check before I break the rules accidentally or inform others wrongly if my clan mates ask what is ok on the thread etc :P

Any website, except for those going to nsfw or rulebreaking content, or that will give you a virus :)
Mod Kalaya |
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22-Jun-2017 09:33:57

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