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11-Jan-2018 20:41:54

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Hi Balendin Mar

Heart is in the right place by wanting to let people know, but naming people on the forums for possible rule breaking isn't allowed. The same with the links you're posting, to save other people possibly going to the website it'd be advised to take down the links,

You can report a person for rule breaking in-game if you think they're scamming and reporting the website to JaGex.

If you go on Twitter and search for JaGexsupport there you will find the correct place to report this too.

I hope this can help you out a little! Again, what you're trying to do is the right thing but it's just not the right place :-)
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11-Jan-2018 21:23:04

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Hi Balendin Mar and welcome to the forums. :)

The forums really aren't the best place to report this kind of thing to Jagex. Here's what you can do though:

- Send the URL of the phishing site itself to That email account is in place just for reporting things like this, along with phishing emails that can be forwarded there for investigation.

- Report the Youtube video to Youtube - they're the best bet at getting the video itself taken down.

The player would need to be reported at the time that they were spamming the advertisement for the Youtube video. Most times those who are advertising phishing were hijacked using the same method, so when Jagex receives the report, they will secure the account so the owner can recover it.

Posting the URLs here on the forums gets a bit risky for others - inadvertently, you end up giving the phisher free advertisement, which I know wasn't your intentions. So that no one unsuspectingly visits the site and potentially loses their account, the opening post here was removed.

I'll leave this open for a little while in case you have any other questions.

Edit: Looks like there aren't any other questions so I'll close this up now.

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