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First off, I can see other people's argument. You don't need to 'bump' it when commenting on the thread does the exact same thing.
But ... while a "support" type comment goes well the first time, it is redundant afterwards. And you may not always have more things to add to the actual discussions (ie: suggestions or critique, helping to flesh out a concept, etc).
Too many "bumps" from the OP or frequent supporters can also be viewed as spam or drown out the true suggestions or support options.

By letting in-game and forum friends bump would be a good start.

Another option would be to simply reduce the timer on the bump button, going from 10 minutes to maybe 1-2, or putting the cap on the number of bumps in a day (ie: much like in game, at daily reset, the player gets 10-20 bumps they can use on their own threads)

Maybe also add a "fan bump" that is also capped per day. You can use it to help a friend or just a thread you like. But you can only do it once or twice per day.

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Tenebri said:
your thread your responsibility. if it dies its on you.

however if this was to happen. then the original owner should be able to chose who does it. maybe having an option on the OP for "allow bumpers" nothing to do with total levels etc thats a weird req...


IMO, it should be left as is.

03-Sep-2019 21:09:48



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I do not know how long you will bump this thread but it ain't going to happen in a lifetime nor beyond.
We all agree fully that The RSOF may get some ultimate injection of players getting to The RSOF making it crowdy again and worthwhile reading / posting so that does mean players have to become "active" and activity doesn't mean hiring a group of slaves that will do someone else's work.
If you wanna enjoy The RSOF and all its features it does mean that you have to become active yourself and do all the work necessary by yourself and yourself only.
If that is too much for you then don't, certainly not let others do the work for you as others do not know very well what your future intentions exactly are.
RWT I can be short, take a hike and do wander off to your own "cave". :)

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Southeaster said:
Would support this if they can find a way to give bump permissions to specific users for each and every thread


And probably some bump-frequency imposed restrictions, too.

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When a player decides to make a thread then they are able to bump their threads by posting / bump-button / (other) player posts, if they are not able to continue their thread one way or the other then it will be up to other players to make a new thread similar to the one that will be discontinued.
Threads that are not under control of the OP anymore, willingly or unwillingly, cease to exist and will wander off to page 50 or will be locked on request by the OP before control is lost.

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And what about if a player is "muted / banned / perm-banned" from The RSOF, warranted by Jagex, others having the ability to bump that players threads will undermine Jagex's decision to have a "forced" leave of absence?

3 Situations that ask for different treatment where others having the ability to bump another players threads making it far more complicated to make it right in the eyes of other members of The RuneScape Community.

26-Sep-2019 09:40:46

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