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One Million Facebook Likes!
We're nearing one million 'likes' over on our official Facebook page and we'll be awarding everybody a unique 'Book of Faces' cosmetic head-slot item when we reach it so be sure to head on over and give us a like!
Winter Weekends Begin!
The cold months have already begun, and the snow will soon start to fall, but fear not as we enter our great Winter Weekends! Starting this weekend with double drops from popular bosses, there will be plenty of reason to avoid the cold this December!
Evolution of Combat Workshops
Still struggling to get to grips with the Evolution of Combat? We've organised a series of workshops with some of the best RuneScape players to help share their tips and tricks with you! Find out more and get involved here.
Fansite News
Platinum-ranked RuneZone are hosting another great Evolution of Combat-themed competition with a great blend of boss killing and video making! With prizes (and bragging rights) to be won, you won't want to miss out!
Do you run your own fansite and want to get in touch with Jagex about supporting your competitions and events? We want to hear from you! Send us an email including who you are and a little bit about your fansite to!
Community Creations
We absolutely love this drawing of a RuneScape warrior wielding the mighty new-look Armadyl godsword! Amazing work, f0st3rch1ld!

If you want to see your RuneScape creations featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at!
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i love runescape so much, but eoc is a very cmplicated and useless update which made everything from weilding weapons to pvp to gaining xp much weirder and complicated and harder...plz runescape i am asking you to keep things the way they were 2 months ago..yes i understand jagex might think that runescape is boring if it stays the same and that some things should be changed, but this is not what we want, this changed what used to make the game awesome..i remember weilding weps was so fun back then...we used to show off our weaponry nd we put them behind our back or on our belts, and i remember how fun special attacks used to be, but abilities are different, we dont want them, we want the game to be more realistic, which means that abilities just make runescape like every other game mmo u see on the internet (eg:dragon fable, world of warcraft,etc.) so plz change things back to normal, when stuff used to be more realistic, and when it was addiciting, i used to play 5 hours a day before eoc, but now.. i get bored after 30 minutes, ND SO I ASK RUNESCAPE AGIAN, plz take off the eoc update and thank u

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Nah, the Barbarian Assault communitity has been destroyed, while Jagex pretends that Barbarian Assault wasn't rendered completely dead by their mishandling of the End of Community update. Jagex Mod's, try giving feedback where it's needed on the forums.... then maybe I'll take posts and threads like this one seriously.

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