Merry Christmas from Jagex!

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Yay ^_^

Happy holidays to everyone, hope u all had an awesome year.

Can't wait for 2013 :O .

So I hope 2013 ends up being a great year for all/most of you. Peace out peepz :)

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"Feedback from the community has played a huge part in our updates this year. A vast number of you participated in RuneScape’s first ever closed beta test, helping us shape one of the game’s biggest and most exciting updates ever - The Evolution of Combat. We read hundreds of thousands of posts regarding the EoC alone – you helped us to refine the content and add important features and enhancements that you wanted to see."

^LOL is this some sort of joke? EOC is the worst thing to happen to runescape, look how many people quit! Jagex have continually ignored player feedback/ the thousand of anti-EOC threads, the masses of people that quit because of it. I think 2013 will be the last year for Jagex those numbers are rapidly going down!!

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Loving the Personal Ports & Daily Challenges updates! You guys definitely saved the best of the best for last. Hopefully next year, it will be the best throughout the year and not just the end of the year. :P

Anyhow, looking forward for HTML5 next year and being able to play Runescape on my mini ipad.


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*** Merry Christmas everyone! ***

I'd especially like to send Christmas greetings to everyone in "Free Horizon":

Caz :)
Della (no, I'm not doing Livid Farm) :P
and everyone else....I miss you all. Hope this holiday season is a special one. :)

To the wonderful people who helped me through many years of RS fun, I miss you too:

Blossy :)
Kim (wassup Cuz?)

and finally, to the hardest working, most fun loving group in RS...

Merry Christmas to Team Penguin! :)

Magic Angel
et al.....I miss you all & haven't forgotten about you ;)

Best wishes to everyone this holiday season! :)

24-Dec-2012 15:12:44

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My gift to all is a seed of Love. Plant it with lots of tlc in your heart and take good care of it through all the years.
May all your Christmas Dreams come true!
Merry Chistmas!
Great things comes out of bad things!

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I think it's an absolute disgrace for Jagex to state that it's player base is helping to shape the game since if that was genuinely the case we'd probably have a state of gameplay that was enjoyable and populous, and more importantly, playable.

Many locations in-game, whether skilling spots, towns, dungeons, the wilderness are over-run with bot-controlled characters while being sparsely populated by player-controlled characters making it impossible to level up in any skill without significant hinderances. Combat and hunter are primarily affected by this.

The game has taken that many steps backwards this year, with updates like SOF which absolutely annihilated the valued notion of playing through effort and determination to gain accomplishments that tens of thousands of players have seemingly permanently quit the game and, in the case of myself, have made RuneScape Classic more appealing to play since it's a time capsule of/for integrity and hard-work.

I sincerely hope that Jagex consider listening to their player-base IN ADDITION to retaining the information that the player-base parts with as the latter was gloriously underachieved in 2012 through the omission of any Jagex representative to respond/engage in conversation on the likes of the 'Recent/Future Updates' and 'Rants' forum where many recommendations for changes to gameplay are frequently communicated.
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"To crown it off, we are going to take player involvement to a level never seen before in any other game. Let’s just say for now that players in game will be shaping Gielinor like never before! "

So we get to remove EOC? Oh w8 that would mean your going to listen to us nevermind.

24-Dec-2012 15:36:21

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Awesomesauce! Can't wait! I guess this is the main reason for putting Solomon's and SoF in the game.. but it's ALMOST worth it! I wish you couldn't buy in-game advantages though.. remove those and this game will be incredible!

And where the bot issue is concerned.. I couldn't really care less! They hardly effect my gameplay at all! Sure it'd be nice to see them removed entirely, but it's a low priority for me.
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