MMG - Myths and Misconceptions

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14-Aug-2015 18:07:51

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Always interesting. That kinda depicts our society as a whole as well. You can see Asia has 4 billion people, yet only 2% of RS players live there. It is known that South Korea has a lot of very active online gamers, so you can see that they rather shift to other online games. Also interesting how the North American playerbase is almost twice as much as the European one, knowing that they're about 360M people compared to 1 billion europeans. They play more than the europeans because english is their mothers' tongue which is not the case for most europeans apart from the UK & Ireland. R.I.P. Final Counts Comp Cape June 5th 2017 10:00 - June 5th 2017 10:30 http://imgur.chom/a/hFIQC (-*)

24-Sep-2015 12:02:16

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