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Arian Frost
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Arian Frost

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T r e said:
Arian Frost said:
A leak for new upcoming items to solomon store as well.


Before they released the trailer, there was post that should be released on Monday. I guess someone accidentally posted the wrong one. Anyway, i managed to read some parts of the post and there were new cosmetic items for Solomon's. I think they were weapons if i'm not mistaken. Anyway, part of the item reward was a 2H wep.

23-Apr-2016 00:50:45

Super Jzny04
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Super Jzny04

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Cinderlynn said:
Tempra said:
whos the creature at the end?
not sure looks like some type of uber vampire or bat maybe it's the final boss form of venescula

Could be vamp'd Safalaan. Kinda hard to tell, but the robes it's wearing look similar to Safalaan's.

23-Apr-2016 02:10:32

Death Dagon
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Death Dagon

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Midwyn said:
Was that... no, it can't be? The vampyre monster at the end... Safalaan??? D:

Or perhaps whatever escaped at the end of the last quest.

23-Apr-2016 02:48:24 - Last edited on 23-Apr-2016 02:52:09 by Death Dagon

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