Premier Club 2018 FAQ

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Premier Club 2018 FAQ

I want to get Premier Club membership but don't want to cancel my existing subscription agreement. Can I do that?

Yes. Paying for Premier Club when you already have an agreement simply pushes back your next rebill date to the end of your Premier Club membership. Once it's finished, your old agreement will take over.

If I buy the RuneScape Premier Club, do I also get membership on my Old School account?

Yep, and vice versa – buy any Premier Club package and you’ll get the listed benefits for both games.

What does the new aura do?

The Hellion Aura has four effects that you can use on a daily basis. Three of those are active when using the aura normally:
1. Ten minute pulse core AoE effect
a. Those around you get a +10% XP boost for ten minutes on aura activation.
2. One hour of +10% XP
3. One free death
a. If you are sent to Death’s office while your aura is active, you can reclaim your items at no cost. Note that this doesn’t save your items in certain PVP areas, such as the wilderness or the red portal at clan wars, as you would not arrive in Death’s office after the fact.

Note that all effects are only active whilst the aura is active.

The final aura effect is a recharge; if you have an aura on cooldown, use it on your Hellion aura to immediately reset the cooldown! There’s one aura recharge per day.

The Hellion aura will be removed on December 31st 2018.

Can I pay with Bonds?

Certainly - redeem them for your Premier Club membership through the in-game interface. 5 Bonds for Bronze package, 10 for Silver package or 20 for the Gold package!

I bought Bronze/Silver tier, but now I want to upgrade. Can I do that?

Sure! Visit the payment basket or the Bonds interface in-game to upgrade before your Premier Club expires.

Why am I getting four keys a day?

Players who purchased Gold packages last year may have a short overlap of key bonuses, resulting in an extra key from the old package and another extra key from the new one. This will end when your last membership package expires. You’ll then go back to three keys until this Premier Club package expires.

What’s the Premier Club Vault, and how does the trial work?

The Vault is a brand new Distraction and Diversion which gives you increasingly better rewards based on the complexity of chests that you manage to open in a one minute period. Note that the Vault is not accessible to ironman accounts. Jump into the portal inside the GE to have a go!

All members will get to try it out once between the 20th and 30th of November 2017. After that, Premier Club Gold members will get to do it each calendar month for the year ahead.

I can’t find my new Hellion outfit.

You'll find your new outfit in the customisation interface.

Has the Pre-Paid Card exclusive guarantee been removed?

On the contrary, it’s been expanded.

With a treasure trove of former Premier Club exclusives that Solomon himself is envious of, Premier Club Gold users will this year be able to pick previous exclusive items using the new Premier Club Reward Token.

See the next question for available exclusive items. Any future pre-paid card exclusive items will also be added to this list.

How do the Premier Club Reward Tokens work?

As a Premier Club Gold or Silver user, you’ll get reward tokens that allows you to unlock previous Premier Club exclusive items, or upcoming Pre-Paid Card exclusives from 2018.
Here’s when you can expect to receive your reward tokens:

Premier Club Gold Users
- One at purchase
- One in January 2018
- One in July 2018

Premier Club Silver Users
- One at purchase

The available exclusive items are:

Cosmetic OutfitsPetsWeaponsHeadgearMiscellaneous
2017 Duskwing Outfit2016 Crystal Peacock2016 Crystal Peacock Weapons2013 Sinister Clown Face2015 Retro Teleport
2016 Menaphite Outfit2015 Postie Pete Pet2015 Retro Swords2013 Xmas Pudding Head2015 Retro emotes (dance & joy)
2016 Crystal Peacock Armour2014 Lava hawk2012 Barbed bow2013 Snowman Head2014 Grey Skin
2015 Mahjarrat Outfit2014 Kirin Pet2012 Golden Katana2012 Flaming skull2014 Onyx Skin
2014 Lava hood and wings2013 Piggles pet2012 Lightning pack2012 Scarecrow mask2011 Green skin
2014 Samurai Outfit and sword2013 Porkins pet2011 Ornate katana2011 Turkey hat
2013 Capoeira outfit2012 Bloodpouncer 2011 Ice Mask
2013 Aurora armour
2013 Skypouncer outfit
2012 Paladin Outfit

I’m trying to find the VIP world for my language but it’s not there!

As it has been with each Premier Club, the VIP world will be English speaking, with no VIP worlds available for other languages. But you’re welcome to login to the VIP world no matter where you’re from!

I can’t access the Premier Club forum!

The Premier Club forum is only available to our Gold Premier Club Members. Please sign up on this thread after purchasing the most recent package.

What happens to my membership status when my 3/6/12 month Premier Club membership runs out?

If you buy a Bronze (three month) or Silver (six month) Premier Club membership, you will be placed on a recurring three or six month subscription when it expires. The only exception is if you subscribe with an existing Grandfathered subscription (see next question).Gold membership (twelve months) is non-recurring. If you purchase Gold while you have an existing recurring subscription, this will come back into effect once the twelve months are up . If you had no existing subscription when you made the purchase, your membership will end after the twelve months unless you actively resubscribe.

I’m eligible for a reduced ‘Grandfather’ rate subscription. What will happen to it if I choose to buy Premier Club?

Grandfather rates are not factored in when calculating Premier Club prices. You are still welcome to purchase Premier Club if you would like the additional benefits, such as the aura, outfit, extra Key, and more.

If you purchase any Premier Club package while you have a Grandfather-rate subscription, your old subscription will pick up when your Premier Club membership ends, and you will remain eligible for your reduced rate.

Can I get all of this stuff with an ironman account?

Ironmen accounts can use all of the Premier Club benefits except:
1) The Premier Club Vault
2) The 10% XP Boosts (both of them) on the Hellion aura
3) The extra daily Treasure Hunter keys.

I bought Premier Club membership, but have changed my mind/don't have time to play. Can I have a refund?

Sorry to hear that. We can only offer refunds within the terms of our refund policy.

Remember that Premier Club offers you one of the most cost effective ways to purchase membership and at the same time gives you a wealth of exclusive items and content that you’ll otherwise miss out on.

I’m having other troubles with payment – help!

No worries, our dedicated customer support team are always on hand. Get help fixing your payment issue here.

Why can't I add a paybysms membership to the cart?

Due to the nature of the payments, PayBySMS, Axeso5 and BoaCompra cannot be added to the shopping basket. For these methods specifically packages can only be purchased individually by selecting the method below the packages and choosing the desired package.

When will Premier Club come off sale?

Premier Club typically comes off sale early in the following year, but we’ll announce the exact date nearer the time. Our advice is to join Premier Club as soon as possible, so you can start enjoying the benefits right away!
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