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GameBlast Bundles

All proceeds from these GameBlast bundle sales will be donated to Special Effect!

To buy the Bundles, head in-game and click on the GameBlast icon to bring up the interface.

If you're a true supporter of charity and have all previous items, the Relic Bundle will be greyed out for you.

For full details on the bundles, read on!

The 2018 Bundle - 400RC

Tickety the GameBlast Pet (see in-game for his awesome emote)!:

Tickety Plushie:

"The GameBlasted" Title:

GameBlast Shield:

Relic Bundle - 200RC

- GameBlast14 Tunic
- GameBlast15 Outfit
- GameBlast16 Amulet
- GameBlast16 Balloon
- GameBlast16 Cape

Remember, for every £10,000 raised between Friday at 12:00 game time and Saturday 12:00, you'll see a boosted rate of experience for 30 minutes, on top of double xp weekend - X2.2 for members!

Click here for more info on GameBlast!
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Could it be possible to separate the relic bundle? Let's say I have everything except for the tunic, would it give me an error if I already own most of the items? Would it let me buy the pack still?

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I just bought both packages :) Thank you for releasing previous years love donating to good causes such as this one c: Do unto others as they would have done unto you

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