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Gem Crystal

Gem Crystal

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When I go into Solomon's store and click on an outfit for example, it pops up a screen where the outfit is displayed on a character as it turns 360 degrees to see every angle. At the bottom of this display screen it will say: Male outfit, as it is showing a male wearing the outfit. When I then click the arrows beneath the description to see the "next" view which I'm assuming is the female's version, nothing happens. It is as if the arrows are bugged and will not show the next display. It is always stuck on the first turntable, for example "1 of 6".

I hope this can be fixed! Thank you.

13-Apr-2017 07:58:59

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If you are using Chrome, you might try a different browser.

There have been others that mentioned this issue and there seems to be a bug occurring between the Solomon's Store pages and Chrome.

Until Jagex is able to resolve that, its best to use a different browser to preview the store items.

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13-Apr-2017 20:12:58

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