Demand on Retro Rune armour

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Ventura NZ said:
CM_Niall said:
I actually miss my old Guilded Rune gear! Was the only reason I even hunted for Treasure Maps!

wtf is a local moderator

CM Zoan said:
Hey everyone! Just a short intro here - we're a new community partner with Jagex. We'll be working with Jagex's community management to help drive the excellent community you guys have all cultivated over the years (kudos to you!)

We'll be in and out regularly to help with the day-to-day stuff, forum moderation, working with the volunteer moderators and, of course, you!

A short introduction of myself:

I’ve been playing RuneScape on and off for the last 10+ years (don’t let this account-created date fool you!) and it was the first MMO I fell in love with. So, for that reason alone I’m excited to be an active part of the community! I’m also a nerd for words, so if you pepper in a little archaic terminology here and there, you’ll probably fall in my favour (as long as it’s not bad, of course).

Anyway – great to be here! I’ll open the floor now for the other members of our team to give a short introduction of themselves.

08-Feb-2018 23:07:09

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