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I have no issues with previous content being resurrected. Of course, this is within reason. Rares should remain as rares (can you imagine if party hats made a come back?). However, I do have an issue if a company announces that their product is 'limited edition' and then reintroduces it.

When we purchased the Drake, we were also purchasing the sense of exclusivity and speciality. It's not so much about the content, but about what is being promised as well as the relationship between the community/customers and the company. As a result, trust is affected. While it might seem like a minor issue now, if Jagex continues to operate with this method of business where it comprises part of the community's interests, then they might find support for future projects to slip.

When we bought this rarity, we had hoped that Jagex would have at least preserved somewhat of its value by maintaining it as a limited edition item and therefore, allowing it to remain a rare. Now that its worth has depreciated (not talking about financially), it feels as though we, the customers, have been somewhat devalued or perhaps our interests were not carefully considered when planning to release this content.

This just sends a message to the community that 'Jagex isn't creative/productive/hard-working enough to create new content so let's recycle some old content because the backup is available and it'll save time/cost while maintain the appearance that Jagex is 'fresh' with new cosmetic content'.
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Uriel said:
I have to say this is rather disappointing. Why did the Shadow Drake return into the store? When the Shadow Drake was available in the store, it explicitly said it'd NEVER return afterwards, making it a limited time offer. And now it's back? Were we really sold an item under false information?

Please show where jagex said it wouldnt ever return?
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04-Dec-2018 22:08:51

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It was in Solomons for black friday sale and on top of that it was half price i think.

You missed it (
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05-Dec-2018 17:30:56

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