keepsaked p2p items as f2p

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Xela Een
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Xela Een

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Hello forums, my membership will end in February and I am wondering if I am able to keep sake an agility skill cape as a member, and still be able to display it when i am f2p even though the skill is capped at lvl 5/99 in f2p worlds.

IF so, would the support mastery cape also be able to be keep saked as p2p and then displayed as f2p? considering 3 of the 4 skills are members only.

Any info is greaty appreciated, thanks so much forums!

20-Jan-2016 00:13:14

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as far as im aware - even though you use real money to buy keepsake keys and use them, it doesnt let you wear members stuff on non mem worlds

same with quest/comp capes if you keepsake it, and a new quest comes out, it de-quips it

20-Jan-2016 00:20:58

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Ferenc2017 said:
Yes you can. This got changed last week :)

I've just checked, and I cannot wear my keepsaked 120 thieving cape in f2p :s

It says "You no longer meet the requirements to wear this item"

However, I can wear my cosmetic max cape, so maybe it's just 120s that are bugged

20-Jan-2016 04:20:27

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