Is OSRS turning out your way?

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Is Old School Runescape turning out how you envisioned it would turn out when you first started playing the game? I was just wondering and I have to say, I am not shocked at all how the game is currently turning out right now.

12-Jun-2019 17:51:09

Jul Member 2019


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I've opted to remain in the F2P section of the game so I'm not sure any real expectations were there in the first place to be honest.

Enjoying it though, very different to when I played around the original period.

12-Jun-2019 18:22:05

Iron Robsham
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Iron Robsham

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Apart from a few updates that have made stuff easier, I love the game and all of the new content, without it OSRS would have died off long ago. Anyone that wants changes to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

12-Jun-2019 18:31:03

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For the most part, no, but I can't complain.

I was traditionally a quester, and back in the hey-day, then used to release 1 quest per month, disproportionately representing my people in the updates routine. With polling, it came to light that us questers represent a much smaller portion of the game than we thought.

I was also one of the people who favored limited, polled copy-paste from post 2007. I favored stuff like achievements and the GE from the beginning, but it took a long time to convince the majority. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the battle for post 07 quests and minigames, despite how often people request FOG and Stealing Creation.

12-Jun-2019 21:16:48

Jan Member 2019


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In some ways yes, in some ways no.

I would like to see them focus more on less-popular skills, giving new methods of training that fit more types of preferences and interests. As it is, a lot of the updates seem to focus on the few very popular skills, while ignoring some that are generally considered pretty boring.

I'm also not a big fan of third-party clients.

That said, of the content they have released, a lot of it has been of very good quality. There have been some... shall we say, missteps? But they seem willing to go back and fix things, at least sometimes. Very happy with the Hosidius rework and what it signifies for polishing up subpar content, for instance.

And of course, Fossil Island might as well be called Flawless Island.

13-Jun-2019 00:12:12



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I quit this game because I didn't like the direction OSRS was taking and I was becoming rather bored with it.

Despite being max combat level with over 200M Total XP I would literally have to spend several hours for weeks at a time to catch up with the stuff today's players are doing. Right now I can't afford the time for that.

I loved Runescape back in the day. But now at the age of 31 and with job and parental duties I just don't have the free time that I used to. The game has always been about grinding to a certain level because you either wanted to have a sense of accomplishment or you wanted to have that set of new gear and weaponry that everyone else wanted.

My account is no better today than countless thousands who have overtaken me in the Hiscores and have spent many hours on Raids, Favors, PvMing and getting the Achievement Diaries done.

The only way I will come back is if I decided to make a Hardcore Ironman Account and just had some fun. At least there is the risk of dying which is always a possibility and you can't rely on other players so much, because Ironmen aren't allowed that privilege. But the chances of that happening are slim, at least for now.

I pretty much only play a few Playstation 4 games here and there nowadays, and spend the rest of my leisure time watching whatever is on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I'm currently playing through Days Gone and it is an absolutely phenomenal game. A game that I probably wouldn't get around to if I was still stuck here playing OSRS.

With Playstation Plus costing less money per month than it is to keep a monthly subscription of Runescape, I see no real reason to come back to this game and indulge in mindless grinding for hours on end.

Been there, done that. Poured over 8000 hours into Runescape across two accounts starting from over 15 years ago. The game just doesn't interest me all that much anymore.
**** OSRS

13-Jun-2019 06:04:21

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