Elder Gods same each Cycle?

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Kemtros said:
Didn't consider Ful, but I actually do have a theory regarding Wen. As she represents Inversion, I was wondering if Wen actually reverses the order of birth each cycle. For example, whereas Jas was born first in this cycle, Jas was born last in the previous one. The reason Wen is doing this is because, with each cycle, Wen eliminates one of her siblings, so given enough Great Revisions, Wen will actually be the only Elder God. And yes, this would mean that Wen would be responsible for Mah being stillborn.

Interesting theory, but I don't see it as very likely unfortunately.

It would seem to me that Jas is the one who is all powerful every cycle.
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17-Mar-2015 04:56:11

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