Elder Gods same each Cycle?

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Dr Curls

Dr Curls

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My apologies if this has already been answered but I couldn't find anything on it.

We know that the Elder Gods power is in relation to their age. For example: Ful was born second and Bik was born fourth. Ful is more powerful than Bik.

What i'm wondering is, are the Elder Gods the same every Cycle? This Cycle, Wen is the third most powerful. But in a previous one, could the 'Wen' of that Cycle fourth strongest?

In one Cycle could the 'Mah' be stronger than the 'Jas'? Or does it go by their abilites?
As in: Since Ful is Constancy, is she always the second strongest?

That brings another point to mind. If each Cycle they are different, could the universes be different? If the Elder God of that power could be weaker in a different Cycle, could Universes be completely different from ours?

I may be completely wrong due to my lack of information, so if i am please inform me. :) I tend to lurk the Lore Forum daily and this is one of my first posts here. Please give me some feedback :)

16-Mar-2015 13:01:32

Dr Curls

Dr Curls

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Oh wow. Completely forgot about this thread haha!

Tlamovec, that's a pretty interesting theory! That being the reason for yearning for Anima is pretty neat. Though I doubt it'll be the case. Cool theory though :)

Sepulchre, I agree that is pretty plausible. But that wasn't what I was asking. What I was asking was, are the Elders always the same each cycle. Is Jas always the eldest sister and Wen the third. Or in a previous Cycle, has Jas been the third and Wen been the first.

28-Apr-2016 22:39:04

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