The Hoardstalker Chronicles

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Cinder Quill

Cinder Quill

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Cards. The lifeblood of my race. A small part of my essence is placed into each card.

Any may be given the card. The card absorbs knowledge from the experience of the card-bearer - while providing them benefits -
and returns itself to me so the knowledge may become my own.

Sometimes these experiences manifest. This dungeon was empty when I found it, and everything you see before you is a consequence of the cards.

I have been honing some new cards around the dungeons within which we find ourselves. You may make a fine card-bearer.

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Cinder Quill

Cinder Quill

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So we know from the chronicle stations placed around Gielinor, that the chronicle cards were created by the gorajo hoardstalker.

Assuming these cards follow the same magic principles as dungeoneering cards, and are now numbering in the thousands, in the possession of a huge number of households, a game of strategy and consequences, taking Gielinor by absolute storm, what are the implications of this epidemic?

When all this experience is returned to the Gorajo Hoardstalker, Could we potentially have a new villain on our hands? A GOD even?!

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1) The Hoardstalker can systematically witness how often each card is used and in what way, allowing it to either know the best strategies for its own game or attempt to balance the game by changing certain cards (i.e. There's a lore reason for the balancing changes made to the game).

2) The Hoardstalker will have a wealth of information about any location where the cards are played to do with as he pleases. He could sell it to the highest bidder, leak it to groups who want to overthrow a ruler or 2, or keep it all to himself.

3) Since the experiences the cards have had manifest in the Hoardstalker's resource dungeon, some simulacrum of areas around Gielinor where the game has been played should manifest and fade within his dungeon.

4) It could be that the chronicle cards are of a different nature to the Dungeoneering cards and so don't relay information back to the Hoardstalker.

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Cinder Quill said:
Lego Miester said:


Let's settle this like real men, by playing a children's card game!

***** the rules I have green hair
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must learn to find
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