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An interesting note about planar theory is that back at RuneFest 2014 (I didn't attend 2015 unfortunately), during a lore Q&A, I asked about such and was provided with a brief run down.
They said that every system is within its own special bubble, these being realms. Zanaris and Gielinor exist in one realm, travel far enough through the physical space and you meet the boundaries- pushing through it takes you into the Abyss. Theoretically travelling in a straight line or so in the abyss you could breach through into another of these realms - the closest being for example****'biusk (that we know of).

The issue with is, which I did forget to ask is where the Void comes into play in all of this, but as we know Guthix used the elder sword and pierced too deeply and into the void... So theoretically I argue that the void is at the edge of the universe, beyond the abyss, below it, above it. However you like. So while the abyss surrounds every realm, the void surrounds the abyss and the universe.

Based on prior discussion, we begin to look at ethereal/spiritual realms which appear to be mirror/laying on top of existing physical realms in other space.
A theory I have is that the afterlives of these anima-filled worlds as you mentioned occupy the same space as their natural worlds. The debate would be, which afterlife on which world?
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