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Feel free to post your own ideas, if jagex decides to take a look at the forums for ideas, the more ideas, the better.

Some of my own ideas are:

Balloon dog

Tie (r)/Bowtie

Transparent dye (would permanently unlock an option on the makeover mage to make your skin slightly transparent (less than ghostly robes effect), can be used in combination with skin colors)

A Quiver which could be on your back like the one in trickster robes, and one that would be on your back, around your waist (either make it on the cape slot, or more preferably on the ammo slot, allowing for a new type of override)

Ring of Tree (would work like a ring of stone, but to a miniature of existing tree types)

Poking Stick (would be an equippable item, which would allow players to interact with others, like the rubber chicken, but by poking them)

Evil Chicken pet

Some kind of rainbow gloves

Rainbow dye (permanently opens a rainbow skin color on the makeover mage)

Chain Necklace

An equipable Newspaper, which would have it's own idle/walk animation, with you reading it and going through it's pages

A Sandwich which would be partially in your mouth (like you're holding the sandwich with your mouth), and would be on the necklace slot

A Protest Sign, which could be 'recolored' to have different things written on it. Jagex would choose a few select things to be written in it, like how the Achievement Banner works, but with it written on the sign instead of being spammed

Clerk pet (for those that don't know, there was a 1st april prank where a few players 'had' a bank clerk pet)

A Baguette which would be a longsword (offers an offhand version on right click)

Thrown Pretzel which would be a thrown weapon (offers an offhand version on right click)

Breadstick wand with a bun offhand

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Toketsu Mun

Toketsu Mun

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Volcano hat with erupting animation when gaining exp

Sarim's Revenge pet (the ship you use to travel the eastern lands)

Cookie Shield

A Cardboard box that you could click to hide inside, like Snake from Metal gear solid does (could also be a wooden box)

A Dwarven Watch (bracelet) with an idle animation with you checking the time and crossing your arms (this idea came from my friend Spotstripe)

An 'amulet' with an arrow stuck to your heart

A pocket/effect slot item which would show a miniature Zanaris floating around the player

Dragonhide Dye (would make your skin look like dragonhide, comes in 4 colors)

A Bobblehead pet version of the player, that looks identically to how the player is looking at the moment and copies his actions (e.g: attacks, cooks, brews potions etc (all would be cosmetic only, and would not produce damage/items))

An equipable potion (like holy water, but with offhand variants)

An item that when equipped would leave ice/fire trails on the ground you walked on (these
trails would last two or so seconds)

An equipable Gnome Cocktail, which you'd hold with class, and take a sip every few seconds (7-10)

A Sand Witch pet (yes, a sand witch, not a sandwich) <--- ideas was from beach event + people who write sandwitch instead of sandwich

A Sandal melee one hand. Slap your foes with these mighty feetwear!

The ones marked with (r) could have a few recolor options, making them more desirable.

Would also like to mention that yes, i do read every reply on this thread, even if i don't reply to them. If you don't feel encouraged to post because i'm not replying, fear not.

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Toketsu Mun said:
An equipable Newspaper, which would have it's own idle/walk animation, with you reading it and going through it's pages

This would definitely fit into the store, support.

Toketsu Mun said:
Clerk pet

Spending money on an April Fools joke? Let's not do that.
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There seems to be two of these threads. Will put this here also:

Original message details are unavailable.
I would like to see:

'Slippy Boots'

- Standing still animation; feet keep skidding about / waving arms to keep balance.
- Leaves small trail of bubbles when walking / running.
- Walk animation similar to walking on ice.
- When running, the last few tiles will become a skid. (not sure how hard this would be)

'Fidgets Gloves'

- Constant fidgeting with anything equipped / tapping / twisting fingers / playing with hair
- Pull random items out of pockets and play with them when idle.

Boomerang -pocket slot

- When idle, will throw and catch/fumble the boomerang.

Juggling Gems -pocket slot

- When idle, will start juggling hydrix, onyx, dragonstones etc...

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Toy horse stick

Bot outfit (for players) or a Mini bot pet

OSRS items:

Ring of coins

Ring of nature

Would be fun to buy them from the rare item token store on RS3.
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I like the ring of coins, the clerk and bot and pet ideas. I would like to have made into the game a rainbow party hat (inverse chromatic party hat). The rainbow party hat like the one in OSRS, just adapted to the new graphics. I like the idea of equipable newspaper (maybe could bring to the news section of rs), then again I hope one day the map hat gets updated to show RS map or something).

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a few ideas that I posted on another thread:
- dragon hat-not like the dragon masks I mean like a literal hat with a dragon's head on top which has an open mouth and these eyes that look kinda open but empty and you turn it on and its mouth breathes fire and its eyes glow - acts as a light source - may or may not be styled similar to the new gem dragons
- bunny pet/plushie
- a tail which is styled similar to the abyssal whip
- helwyr's ears-head slot item *could just be cute fluffy puppy/dog ears if helwyr isn't possible*
- flame resting- rest animation where its like that meditation pose while floating with palms up and fire coming out and fire particles all around
with menaphos' release in a few months I thought of some desert-based stuff
- al kharid ib- off hand wielded as a mage orb- may or may not have stats upto t70
- mummy dance walk
- leela's necklace/headpiece- provides protection from slayer creatures in menaphos making them unaggressive *or anything really I couldn't come up with anything else* may or may not have combat stats
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