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A Bunny said:
Never really understood this logic..I mean if it was a holiday item it would make sense, but this way you just sound greedy.

People usually think it's about greed, yes, but it's more about honor and dignity. When Jagex decides to make new to-be discontinued rares, anyone and everyone should be able to get them during that initial period IMO. But, once that window closes, the "discontinued" part kicks in, meaning the discontinued rare should never return again. That's the issue I have; there can be millions of copies of that rare out there for all I care, but they should only be possible to get during the initial temporary time period.

(And well, I'm saying *should* here, because as we have seen, Jagex doesn't care about keeping their word if it brings them more money to lie and deceive.)
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30-May-2017 19:09:58

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