Smashing Relics

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Draco Burnz said:
Cinderlynn said:
wow so jagex has finally excepted that players want the monkey stuff back! About time!

Thankfully they aren't re-releasing the cape.
I genuinely get your point but I was referring to the hats and mace which were sof items and I'm pretty sure the only promo that had never been repeated! You got the cape basically by playing a monkey version of penguin hide and seek game! Made even more difficult by the fact that they were only on a few world so every location was so crowded and so lagged it took 5 minutes to clck on each monkey!

31-May-2017 01:04:00



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Turksta said:
Bloodyangel1 said:
I haven't gotten a single rare item from 12 of these things so far. 4 of them from the 2 free daily, and the other 8 from a red slot on TH, which took 11 keys just to even win any on TH. I always have bad luck with TH and these promos.

I specifically remember the first time those Samid's gloves were a thing and not winning a single pair of them, but yet everyone else seemed to have gotten multiple pairs. I was so mad and frustrated that this game hates me so much to not even give me one pair. I always feel like my account is cursed with bad luck.
Back in 2013, i had a friend who completed like 20+ quests just to get the gloves. Ofc it was hard but he really wanted it.
People getting multiple pairs, they either bought keys/spins or they're just really lucky.
Fyi, don't expect anything from <50 keys. It takes around 450 to get most the items or 600 if unlucky.
yeah 600 keys is about right! I'd give you guys the samid gloves if I could I just wanted the monkey hats!

04-Jun-2017 04:21:19

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