Christmas Pinatas(2018)

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I feel like there should be more like last year, a standard th item. thats one of the best parts of christmas time imo. the first day was awesome, and then none after kinda lame. and the advent calendar prizes dont compare to last year. what happened that most of the fun got taken out???

08-Dec-2018 06:03:43

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Yea its sorta dissapointing this year, well so far. maybe once the christmas quest is out
and things get to rolling it will feel more like christmas on Runescape.
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09-Dec-2018 07:17:59

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Let me remind you you won't get Pinatas in Experience/Antique chests and such. So, if you want a shoot at getting Pinatas, save your keys from those promotions... or don't pick those specialty chests if they show up in Loot Duel.

So far, this year's Advent Calendar is a better promotion to me than last year's. It is mostly because events with prize multiplier like Double Dragon Chests, Rainbow and Loot Duels are more frequent that last year's.

09-Dec-2018 15:28:13

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