50% extra treasure hunter keys

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Max Bunners
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Max Bunners

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hello, i rarely post if ever on the forums, but my friend received the 50% offer for treasure hunter and i wanted to get the 450 keys but haven't got the pop up.

is there a criteria to be able to get the keys?

any help is much appreciated

28-Jul-2017 20:13:44

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have you tried completely reloading client? "
th rares pc
" is the fc for treasure hunter tokens
" fc is also for th tokens and is more populated for now

29-Jul-2017 00:49:01

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These offers are generally either random or targeted.

If its the former, there's a good chance you'll get the promotion (or similar) when it next comes around.

I was going to say you may not have got it because you may have spent money on the game recently, but I bought £60 worth of Runecoins a few days ago and still got the promotion (which I'm not going to take up on... lol)

These are reasonably frequent promotions so don't be too disheartened; and as you say you still may get it yet. :)

29-Jul-2017 15:26:55

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