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88 fingers

88 fingers

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its messing up bigtime. for 3x fish dwarvian machines i got 3 large stars, then a second time 3x 2 rune bars i got 3 large stars.... i stopped using it as it appears to be giving the wrong items

12-Jul-2017 12:24:30

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Draco Burnz said:
Raptor said:
Today the 11th of July is the 75th day that we had a treasure hunter promotion without any breaks in between!!!

The more you complain the more they'll keep this up.

No complaining if it's...

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12-Jul-2017 15:12:40



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Ok wtf i went and did earn keys and i paid for hulu for the 107 keys and never recieved them when are you going to give them to me? Would really like to get what i was told i was going to get... Please get back to me.

13-Jul-2017 05:37:50

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