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Was curious about something.

This morning I saw the celebration lamps were available. So I placed an order for 200 keys and got an extra 300.

Used those up and was logged out of game for a bit then logged back in and saw that I still have the pop up that says to claim the 50% extra keys.

Does this mean I can claim that offer again or is it done and over with? I saw on the promotion banner it said it's a one time offer.

29-Jul-2017 20:26:58

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I remember a similar thread a while back, and IIRC, the OP could use the offer again.

Also, it would be logical to assume that the banner has false information all over it, because despite it claiming that it's "AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER JUST FOR YOU!!11!!1!", in reality it's mass-spammed to lots of people.
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29-Jul-2017 20:33:24

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