XP Lamps

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I was wondering something about XP Lamps. The XP Lamps are:
Small XP Lamp
Medium XP Lamp
Large XP Lamp
Large XP Lamp
Huge XP Lamp
I was wondering how hard it is getting these Lamps.
How hard is it getting a huge xp Lamp?

01-Aug-2017 00:03:51

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Well its random. You should expect to get the worst prize most of the time, and a few yellow or orange level prizes, and maybe no red or purple at all, but maybe sometimes get a red or purple but rarely.

You can use hearts of ice to block prizes you don't want, but make sure you change what is blocked before you use a key again as it changes, if you block a white prize then spin again, you might end up blocking a red prize if you didn't change it.

01-Aug-2017 20:44:41

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