Agents of Fury re-release

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Whatusaytome said:
Love how Blackwing keeps arguing that Jagex bringing simple cosmetic items back, for more customers to use and enjoy as they please, is shunning their responsibilities as game owners. Honestly it would make them look even better as people in my opinion.

If they were to disregard a simple misplaced word to satisfy both their customers as well as making a larger sum of profit off of items. Good. These are items with no game-beneficial purpose, such as being toptier weaponry or armors, or even being tradable rares for us to reap profits from.

I know Blackwing's arguments as compromises are as follows:
1: release them once a year for one day specifically so nobody except original owners can use them as they please. Satisfying nobody.

2: make new versions only, which only satisfies an elitist minority, but all of us agree be a great addition to releasing originals again...

Or lastly, as I ended my previous statement with, making them tradable. This doesn't satisfy more people, as making them tradable only makes them limited rares. Which would only satisfy the experienced marketer's whom would hoard and manipulate them into the next Season's sets to profit from.

Leading to people owning more than one set and making less total people owning sets. Raising the cost too much for anybody interested, unless they are heavily vested in this game and can spare several mils for something that all of us got for free.

Honestly dude, get your priorities straight. You stink of self-interest and entitlement.

The people have spoken once for items no different than these. They voted that they would be willing to purchase these items instead of keeping them discontinued. Jagex asked us all and got their majority answer. And it would be more in their responsibilities to follow through on the poll they made and got their answers on than to do the opposite.

05-Jun-2018 07:34:05

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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f a k e news said:
Draco Burnz said:
I just wish jagex would have the backbone to say this wont ever happen again just like transfers arent happening for rsc.

Alas, dont believe that'll ever happen.

Fallen nihil outfit is on the oddments store.

Ok and this has to do with what i said how?
Draco Burnz
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10-Dec-2018 20:54:01

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