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I got a few lvl 1 skills which I do not want any xp in. So can anyone please answer This.

1. Is it possible to toggle-off other skills than combat skills when using these lamps?
2. If I use a small lamp om slayer (Im lvl 105) I'd be getting ~10k xp. Would I really Then be given 500 xp in A lvl 1 skill?

Thanks in advance

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You can only toggle off combat skills.

For the other skills, you get 5% of the XP from the skill you selected to use the lamp on. So if you are 105 Slayer and you select that as the lamp skill, you would get, maybe, 25k XP in Slayer, meaning you'd get 1,250 XP in all other skills (if you toggled combat off, you wouldn't get the 1,250 in those skills). 25k Slayer XP is just an estimate – I don't know for sure how much XP you actually get from skills considering I can't find a calculator. But considering I got <13k Invention XP from a lamp in the 90s, and Invention XP is nerfed for these lamps, I think you would get a lot more than I did, if you chose Slayer.

I would recommend NOT using the lamps if you want to keep level 1 in other skills.
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