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Kain Highwin

Kain Highwin

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The only thing that will make me have any desire to buy keys, is for cosmetic outfits like the Shadow Dragoon to be released on TH.

Never cared too much about exp unless there was a weapon I wanted to use or an armor that I thought was cool looking. I have learned from many mmos that once you reach max level, you start running out of things to do, get bored, and quit.

It is because of that, that bonus exp promotions do not matter to me. Cosmetic on the other hand, those are the promotions I consider buying keys.

While outfits of famous characters in history is interesting, it doesn't interest me too much. I like dark, evil outfits. Outfits that express the feeling that the creator took a lot of care in crafting.

Outfits that are very imaginative. Outfits that make people go "WHOA!" When they are seen in game.

None of the currently available outfits fit that expectation for me.

19-Jan-2018 20:59:44

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