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Yes. Adding Corporeal beast would add a new vibe to the game. I would recommend the requirements be 200+ Quest Points/115+Combat. There's no reason there should be ANY noobs in the corp lair what-so-ever. The corp is known to be a very powerful monster and having high requirements to enter is a MUST. Ex. if char isn't 115+ "You are not strong enough to slay this beast"/"The Corporeal Beast chuckles at your lack of power" . I think the Beast should not be in the wilderness, we've had enough wilderness updates ex. the rejuvenation.

There should be a new quest series introduced, for the first one introducing the new land expansion of what was stated previously in the last dev blog, and what the Corporeal beast did over the years to cause disruption and discomfort over the land. Then another one teaching you how to kill the corporeal beast- this one must high high requirements 200qp+115cb+.

Just an opinion from a 126.

@players - Don't like what I'm saying? I won't come back to this thread, you have no need to quote this or argue with me, you're just wasting your own time.

25-Jul-2014 20:56:10

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