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This whole well of giving is a very stupid concept. If you can't even afford to put f2p servers into osrs, than why the **** are you starting an in-game charity? Literally makes no sense.

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Its so great for you guys to put this in the game but wouldn't it be even better if we could donate directly to something like a children's hospital?
Btw I'm about to donate half my bank

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Titanium Man said:
Hutchens said:
Spiderss said:
it's nice to see some profits that are actually used for a good cause, however i can't help but fathom jagex's unwillingness to loan money to foreign countries, countries that truthfully are in more dire need of it than their own. Charity is supposed to defined as selfless giving, not investing in the well-being of only their immediate surroundings. truthfully i would rather donate to one of the many religious organizations that claim all their proceeds go to those in need, and not individuals within first-world countries.
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Are you really complaining about Jagex giving money to kids with cancer, veterans with disabilities, and people with mental illnesses? I hope you rot, scum.

Some basic English comprehension skills would go a long way. At no point in that post did I see anything that warrants calling him 'scum'. In fact it seems like the entire purpose of his post flew swiftly over your head. I hope you get a mute for your lack of intelligence, but unfortunately it's not against the rules to be an idiot.

...I love how this community can turn even the most positive of updates into something negative.

On to the actual update - The ONLY possible downside to this is that I want to stop playing my Iron Man! :D

I said he should stop complaining. What is wrong with giving money to kids with disabilities and veterans? Read what he said again. If I were one of the victims in these charities I would feel way over-looked. I happen to know a few people that would fit the bill for these donations, and saying people in other countries deserve it more simply because of "Jagex's unwillingness" is hard to believe. I guess I'm just an idiot for feeling this way. Someone needs an ethics check. Think again before you start spitting insults, wise one.
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its actually getting quite annoying to see you guys working on so many usless updates like this when u cant even give us a stable engine to play on, this ddos'ing attacks have been going on FAR to long. you need to be spending your time giving us a game we can actually play! you cant solo and risk anything and havent been able to in months!! i came back to play rs07 because it was fun, now im paying for a game to get on and disconnect with bank every 20mins come on guys!!! people are goiong to quitting, get your act together!

03-Nov-2014 21:23:49

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