Dev Blog: The Solo Snake Boss

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So I was messing around on google trying to find a cool name for the snake boss and I think I may have found the PERFECT name for it!

: Old English word meaning "gall; poison; venom." Variant: Ator

I take absolutely no credit what so ever for that name, just seemed to fit the empty spaces!
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03-Dec-2014 07:01:22



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I dont really think the rewards are good enough for a high level boss, like the toxic blowpipe will only be a tiny bit better than karils crossbow.

Toxic blowpipe
(with dragon dart)

ranged attack: 78
ranged strength: 60

karils crossbow:

ranged attack: 84
ranged strength: 55

As you can see the stats are pretty simular, i know that the blowpipe will be able to poison but it can still easely be cured. As for the special attack it is really bad, 50% more damage at 60 ranged strength is horrible, it just wont be good enough for a high level weapon.

I would like to see both its stats and special attack buffed:

New stats:

Ranged attack:

Ranged attack: 83 (65 without dragon dart)
Ranged strength: 65 (45 without dragon dart)

Special attack:
60% more damage where half of the damage dealt heals you, cause venomous poison right away (12 damage), and for 1 minute, the opponent wont be able to cure poison. power usage: 50%

This will make the weapon more powerfull as it should be, it is the highest range weapon after all at 75.

Toxic fang:

Looks amazing for the trident, but lacking abit for staff of the dead, i think it should bring the damage up by 5%, then it will be perfect.

Serpentine helm:

Looks good, little disapointed that you chose to go the defensive way for melee, i was looking forward to a new melee weapon aswell.

07-Dec-2014 14:42:01

1 Eternity

1 Eternity

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I would like to see another drop implemented to the snake boss, since the snake is in Isafdar, it makes sence that it should drop some type of crystal item.

This item would be called
"Crystal of seren"
The backstory for this could be that seren had a powerfull crystal that she hid in a dark mysterous cave, with the snake boss as its protector. Pretty simple but better than bosses like the wilderness bosses that does not have a backstory at all.

Crystal of seren could be used on either crystal bow, crystal shield or crystal halberd to make them more powerfull and add exiting new special attacks. (will only do crystal bow in this post)

Crystal bow:

Crystal bow currently have the following stats:

Ranged Attack: 100
Ranged Strength: 70
rest: 0

With the crystal of seren, the stats will a bit better.

Crystal bow with crystal of seren attached: (80range)

ranged attack: 110
ranged strength: 80
rest: 0

in addition, the bow will have a Special attack called "light of seren"

Light of seren:
increases accuracy by 100%, and fires an instant beam of light which can go through multiple enemies cousing 40% more damage
power usage: 75%

Note: The spec is instant, much like the granite maul, but you cant switch from another weapon to the crystal bow and spec, you have to use the crystal bow for atleast 5 seconds before you can use the spec.

Even if the gem is attached to crystal bow, it will still count as 2 items with the gem protecting over the bow, so a ragger attacking you will always risk crystal bow which is about 100k.

Max hit of the new crystal bow: (all this is with void, 99range, range pot and eagle eye)

without crystal of seren: 32

with crystal of seren: 34

with special attack: 47

pottential max hit in 1tic: 81 (34, then spec 47), This will be incredebly rare though.

This would make the crystal bow powerfull, but balanced. Dark bow still got the best spec of 48-48 (96), and msb still got better dps.

07-Dec-2014 14:58:11

xxDark Horse

xxDark Horse

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Make this boss difficult to defeat but with plenty of good rewards because challenging this snake would be a high risk/ high reward. If you die, since there are no gravestones in OSRS, your items will most likely be most upon death. However, defeating this boss would result in some pretty good rewards.

I predict when this boss comes out, there will be looters camping outside the boss area so when people die, they will be all over the dead persons loot.

07-Dec-2014 18:53:03

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please don't require a very high slayer level for this boss. I'd like to try to tackle this boss on release with my friend and the slayer level req wouldn't allow this. A very high slayer req would keep this boss from being as popular as it could be.

(I'm not against high level slayer content, but this boss wasn't proposed as such, therefore it should simply be a very difficult challenge open to players of all slayer level)

23-Dec-2014 06:07:50

Red Robin

Red Robin

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Things that ruined 2007 OSRS:

1. Bosses
2. GWD
3. Corp
4. Wildy Bosses
5. Snake Boss
6. High level gear above barrows/dragon
7. Bosses
8. some stupid Zeah boss I heard about
9. Kraken Boss
10. Smoke Devil Boss
11. Did I mention bosses?

seriously OSRS is completed ruined and screwed up since it was released. You have completely ruined everything about it by putting in higher tier gear above barrows. This is complete nonsense and very irritating.

28-Dec-2014 18:45:49 - Last edited on 28-Dec-2014 18:47:17 by Red Robin

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