Dev Blog: Snake Boss Rewards

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I love all of these comments and the assumptions players make, especially the comments directed to the serpentine helm.

if any side of the triangle has a reason to complain, its magic.

#1 range gets a pretty sweat new weapon. it injects v*mon.

#2 melee gets a bis str bonus helm that gives immunity to venom and can poison.

#3 mage gets an add on to the trident and sot* for accuracy, minor dps, and poison.

time to examine.

blow dart. Fun for pures. Sick combos, and healing abilities. Possible mid level pvm uses (gf ahrim, and prime if it has at least 6 range spaces.)

polypore? More pvm dps, I guess(poison is irrelavent at barrows, rex nor scorpia are poisonable, and llavas dont exactly die slowly)

sot*? More dps again, but only seen in high lvl bridding where 2 serum doses and poison is gone, so netting you a few more accuracy and 1-2 max higher.

melee helm. New bis. New max hit. Given the desire for this, it will be expensive.
its special effect is neat for some pvm applications like dks and.... That's about it... Off task and not using guthans ofc, thereby making it rare.
effect is completely irrelevant in pvp unfortunately.
its price will make it a rarity in pvp due to protecting it over a whip or ags.
also, IF THIS NEW VENOM IS OF ANY EFFECTIVENESS, everyone who pks will carry antidotes making the effect of the helm redundant.
not to mention fighting someone in such gear is completely optional. Plenty of people log out of fights or run when they're attacked*

rangers, have fun ^.^
mages, non ancients poison and a slightly better max ^.^
melee'rs, new ags max 75.5 ^.

06-Jan-2015 18:44:44

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Do not release a dragon defender, I find it entirely pathetic how the Old School staff still continues to make mistakes by bring back old worthless items. Introduce items that will not throw the game into complete chaos. Personally I figured this would be much easier since the staff messed up the first time and restored the game back to 2007.

08-Jan-2015 01:52:35

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