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Lord Russell

Lord Russell

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Tru Khaoz said:
Jagex: Making Runescape more boring one nerf at a time.

They aren't nerfing anything. They are trying to keep people from taking advantage of certain game mechanics.

If you think Runescape is boring, then do something else.

02-Dec-2014 20:00:49

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Simple solution for Un-tradables.
Rather than having them disappear forever, require the player to 'charge' them with GP before entering the wilderness. When the player dies, this charge is dropped as GP, giving a reward to the killer while giving risk to the wearer.
For example:
Fire Cape charged for 30,000 GP
Player dies
Fire Cape is left in Inventory, but loses it's charge.
30k is left on the ground for the Pker.

This is quite a simple solution to a problem that shouldn't be a problem in the first place.

04-Dec-2014 15:38:41

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