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Elksy said:
@Mod Ash @ Co.
I'm watching the stream you mentioned, and we would all like you to outline the rule as per it's actual status up until this point. Many of us feel there should have been some kind of warning prior to this.

Can anyone please comment on this so we have at least some kind of understanding about this?

Just mentioning again that this has not been acknowledged by a Moderator - all I wanted was a simple "this is where the players went wrong, this is what we've said previously is against our rules, it falls under this."

Players have responded, but I wanted the answer from a J-Mod mainly for my own sense of clarification - is anyone willing to read through my posts on this thread and respond accordingly?

Not stressed if you don't at this point, but it would have been nice is all.

28-Dec-2014 15:17:19

Forever Nugs

Forever Nugs

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Ugh should I not even bother with this event anymore...yesterday I saw someone with the suit on and thought it was sweet so I did my first holiday event and saw how I had 5 days left and if i did it everyday on the 31st I'd have the full suit. Well I just got my second piece at 8pm east coast us time and realized that RS goes by GMT time (meaning its 1:30am there right now...) soooo basically that piece I just got counted for the 29th meaning I'll get every piece but the one piece I want...the dang mask which is the last piece right. I did this all right, right? If I can't get the mask I'm not bothering with this anymore. Lol, the one time I actually wanted a holiday item...

29-Dec-2014 01:46:38



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Just noting that I have yet to receive any kind of response from any Mods on this, and I have still not logged in game since my original post on this thread. I regret purchasing more than a months membership at a time now, because I feel like I've been deliberately ignored at this point.

I've been playing RS since 2004, my very first account was "Elksy_14" and I've been a member for approximately 7 or 8 years on that account, approximately 6 years on this account (if not longer) and then there's the accounts I had subscribed over the years for my old clan FastSC... I feel like I've given my money to people who will deliberately look the other way when I ask a question at this stage, and I can't understand the reasons for ignoring me, it's not like I have been nasty about it.

I have discussed it with other forum-goers and they have raised good points, but I still haven't really had the clarification I wanted (IE - the official rule on the shop-trading system issue that caused you to strip the Ironman Status from different peoples accounts).

Please, just respond and say "it was written down here in the rules and game guides section" or "we announced it officially on these patch notes here" and then I can understand why there were no warnings given.

02-Jan-2015 00:33:27

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