Zulrah - The Solo Snake Boss

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Bovada Iv said:
Mod ash. you guys are going to poll this before nerfing the blowpipe right?

The person above and a few like him, does not represent the entire community. He may cry loud and he cries like he cries on the behalf of everyone, but he doesn't.

I personally like the weapon the way it is, and I know many people that do as well. Please make sure you poll the nerf so you'd know how many people would be against the nerf. Otherwise you would be just listening to the "loud criers"


I may not represent the community, but rather a person "likes" the weapon or not is irrelevant. Gameplay balance is more important than your feelings. I also suggest you to actually address a person's arguments instead of using immature phrases like "loud criers".

A weapon like the blowpipe simply can not be as fast as it is while being only 3-5% less accurate than a crossbow.

The accuracy difference is trivial, yet the blowpipe's attack interval is 1.2s while the crossbow's is 3. So yeah..I'm sure you do like the weapon.

Does that mean it belongs in this game as is? No. It is factually overpowered as dps calculations using the accuracy formula proves. It needs to be changed to be balanced with its speed.
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Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's just as valid of a Pking style as melee and range is.

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im REALLY digging the toxic trident and the toxic pipe!

very powerful weapons but with extremely high cost to operate and very expensive too.
and the scales are a consumable so it wont hurt the economy and zulrah killing will always be profitable.

this update is good :) i need to save up for some of these items!

11-Jan-2015 02:45:11



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Hello, I am here represent myself and myself only and my say shall only be counted as what it is, 1 of the 70 posts on this thread! I Really enjoy the updates of these weapons, I will keep skilling hard to afford one next week! Please do not make them less powerful... I always wanted to be able to feel like a powerful ranger even though my range is only 76

11-Jan-2015 03:39:51

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