Dev Blog: The G.E. Part 2

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I hit my character limit on my post above, but funny enough they just posted the blog for the GE tweaks and its location as I wrote that. Go check it out everyone and vote on the survey! :)

19-Jan-2015 18:33:29

Sir Derazen

Sir Derazen

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Are you kidding me? half the reason you came out with old school was because of so many people quitting. Jagex lost a decent portion of its players to the *.*. I am utterly dissapointed that oldschool is becoming RS3. The only reason i started playing again was because old school came out again. There was respect for players, less real money trading, actual skill to get lvls and items. In RS3 i can make a lvl 3 and walk to the g.e., with the money i make just discovering areas i can then flip and become a millionare. Jagex needs to seriously reviw their priorities. You stated in early old school that g.e. and graphic changes were not going to happen, and that you urged no mention of it in forums. Here you are putting it into the game again. Guess its time to sell all my stuff and quit again.

20-Jan-2015 21:11:29



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Tsensei said:
Please no to the GE :/ it's 1 of the things i like about old school because it's "OldSchool"

You're a bit late.
Vote's done.. The GE got 76% support so its coming.
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