Zulrah, Bank Space & More

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Zulrah, Bank Space & More

This week we have a bunch of quality of life updates for Old School. Changes to Zulrah, increased bank space, a fight cave timer... The list goes on. Let's get into the details of everything new in Old School.


Zulrah Tweaks

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Additional Bank Spaces

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Ava's Devices Changes

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Fight Cave Timer

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Varrock West Bank Northern Entrance

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Inventory Icon Changes

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PvP Item Looting Changes

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In other news...

    • Battle tortoises no longer block players from walking into them.
    • Deposit-all buttons for your inventory, worn items and looting bag have been added to bank deposit boxes.
    • The options on monkfish fishing spots have been rearranged so the left click option is 'Net'.
    • You can no longer receive a clue scroll if Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig is protecting one for you.
    • Creating Pyre logs now provides the same firemaking experience no matter what item you click on first.

Join us at 5pm GMT over on the RuneScape Twitch.Tv channel for the Old School developer Q&A where we will be answering the most pressing questions from the community.

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Thanks you for the extra bank space. :)

Hmm, The pvp change.

What happens if you DC while killing someone? Can you not loot the items if you log back in?
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